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Why Lift Door Painters...

Scuffs and scratches on your lift doors are inevitable when you run a busy and lively business, but cosmetic damage also can damage the image of your business.
We have the solution! With minimal disturbance to your daily operations, we replenish the finish on your lift doors, making a world of difference to the overall appearance of your business.

Whether you’re trying to sell your house or just want to revamp the facade, Lift Door Painters can transform your weathered, scuffed, rusty or otherwise tarnished garage door to look brand new. Our professional equipment and years of experience will ensure your satisfaction, guaranteed.

What We Do...

  • 5 Year Guarantee!
  • Coating Lift Doors
  • Spray Painting Lift Panel
  • Painting Lift Interior walls
  • Painting Lift Ceiling
  • Garage Door Painting
  • Roller Door Painting
  • Project Management

All of our clients have a common desire, namely to make their business or residential premises look the best they possibly can and for their property to be protected from the elements as well as wear and tear. At Lift Door Painters we fully understand the importance of corporate image and the need to create the right impression. We have built up an enviable reputation based on quality and service delivered at a cost effective price with customer care at the forefront. 

The facade of your home is what the world sees about how your live. It may be something you’ve never thought about, but a dilapidated garage door, perhaps damaged by wear and tear, can reduce the value of your home. Having your garage door revamped can greatly increase the overall image of your home, especially if you plan on selling.

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Safety Standard

Our employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. We use a range of Elevated Work platforms and access equipment.

Our Personnel are fully licensed for all the tasks we undertake. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards.

Extensive Experience

Lift Door Painters has completed many lift door projects in our time in the industry. Honesty and superior customer service has made us the best in the business.

Quality Assurance

Lift Door Painters manages each project efficiently, ensuring that all jobs are finished as per our Quality Assurance system. Lift Door Painters is committed to abiding by all Australian building and laws and regulations.

Our Experience

First impressions are everything and Lift Door Painters can help transform various types of metalwork with beautiful and durable finishes. Lift Door Painters are proud to have successfully completed numerous projects on behalf of major national high street retailers, supermarkets, car showrooms and office buildings. We have also refurbished the premises in the leisure industry, the educational sector, medical buildings, restaurants and all other types of commercial properties. We definitely will be the best result if your query is find me best lift door painters company.

We are an established company with a vast nationwide network of teams of paint sprayers who will deliver professional onsite service wherever you are in Sydney. Our skilled painters are experienced in the most advanced techniques including electrostatic, airless spraying and we can help you choose the most appropriate method for every different type of metal item that needs recoating. The Lift Door Painters operatives are highly qualified and we ensure they receive ongoing training. 

The substrate is thoroughly cleaned and any Tre’Davious White Jersey dents and scratches are filled then abraded to provide a smooth surface ready for the primer. At this point any unsightly rust or graffiti can be removed. A top coat is then applied electrostatically and any colour can be matched. Furthermore, metallic coatings can be used to accurately resemble a steel, brass or copper finish.

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